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7th January 2011

5:37am: eeemoooo journal
There are times I wanna write my feelings in here, as though it were an actual journal, but I never do because my emotions have fucking ADHD and are likely to change 20 times in the course of writing one entry.

Stupid story short: I have had a very nice self-realization induced by sleep deprivation and alcohol which has allowed me to gain a new perspective on things and seems to have lifted a bit of weight from my shoulders.
Current Mood: contemplative

17th December 2010

5:35pm: Holy crap another post
My plan of using this more in the near future has been dampened by the fact that, at the moment, nothing of interest happens to me. Oh if times were as interesting as they once were...

So I suppose if something of note were to happen, or I wished to record some story, dream, or idea I've had I could turn here. But other then that, I doubt this will get much use.

For the record though, Tron: Legacy was amazing and the song from the ending credits is probably going to be my new late night internetting song.
Current Mood: restless

14th December 2010

1:15am: Wow, This is still here.
So, I was overwhelmed by a smotheringly strong sense of nostalgia tonight and since Facebook didn't want to be working I decided to check up on my Myspace, AIM, and this here Livejournal. I read back through a few entries on here and it kinda made me want to start writing in here again. It also amused me that I always wrote my updates to someone, as though people were actually reading them. I'm pretty sure no one ever actually did. I had some pretty amusing stuff there too.
Current Mood: weird

22nd September 2006

8:29pm: What do you know...
Heh, kinda forgot I had this thing.

Um, so, what to type..what to type... I dunno, just finding ways to distract myself from all the chemistry and biopsychology work I should be getting out of the way so I don't have to worry about it over the weekend. Maybe I'll get back into using this. I've been told I should keep a journal, and I'm sure as hell never gunna get around to actually doing a handwritten one.

We shall see.
Current Mood: lonely

12th February 2006

3:26pm: Nother to see here, move along
Thats pretty true though. I'm boring now. Focusing on doing my school work is keeping me too busy and worn out to do much else. I suppose in the long run its probly a good thing I'm actually doing my work...but its no fun.
Current Mood: blah

6th February 2006

8:28pm: stupid wookies
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Such a great song. Good ol' Nirvana

1st February 2006

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Current Mood: sick

29th January 2006

2:34pm: I've actually been busy lately
Classes are goin strong so I've always got somethin to read or go over.

This weekend has been the most interesting I've had in a while. Friday I accidentally slept through dinner, so when i went downstairs to the store to get something at 10ish I ran into a friend from a class I had last semester and a friend of hers. They had been drinking, so they told me multiple times, and so we were sittin around talkin about stuff while waiting for my food. They told me they were goin out to some club and I should go with them. So I go change and meet them and their other friends (there were 8 of us total, including me) and we somehow miss the bus to downtown. So we get a ride fromt he anti-rape taskforce van over to the metro station and hop on the train to get to downtown. We get to the club and everyones havin a blast, but towards the end of the night everyone but me was totally wasted. (I only had a couple shots. I like to be aware of my surroundings out in public in case anything ever happens.) They were so drunk, in fact, that apparently everyone managed to forget they were there with a group so people would just randomly leave the club on their own. By the time 3:30 am rolls around I can't find anybody anymore so I texted my friend and asked if she took off. She told me yeah, and she wasn't too sure how she got back to campus. So here I am, in some random club, alone in downtown Buffalo with no way back to school. I figured whatever, and the club didn't close for another half hour so I figured I'd worry about it then. 4 am rolls around and the DJ announces that a bus back to UB is pullin up for people who need a ride to campus, so I hop on that and get back at like 4:30. I go to the lounge and a few of the people I was out with are there and yell and cheer, as drunk people will do, when they see me walk into the lounge. We hung out there for a bit till everyone went to pass out in their rooms, and I ate what was left of their food they left out since I never did get a chance to eat dinner.

Yesterday was less fun. I got a single room up on North Campus so I needed to move from South Campus. My mom and sister came up to help me, and so I get to the dorm office to get my room key and what do you know? The people in the housing office never did the paperwork so they dorm office has no idea what room im supposed to be in, and of course the housing office people dont come in on weekends. Eventually they call up someone who tells them a room to stick me in and so that gets straightened out. One other problem though...since the people didnt do what they were supposed to my ID card doesn't open the doors to the building and wont till tomorrow. So everytime we left to go get more stuff and bring it in we had to wait for someone to happen by and open the door for us. Luckily it was nice out so a lot of people were coming and going. Other then that hassle, moving went smooth and I just had to put up with my mom. She is the worst person to be around when it comes to unpacking and putting stuff away. Extremely obnoxious. And she takes forever cuz shes so obsessive about it. So they didn't end up leaving till real late.

Now today I've just got some studying to do. Got a Cell Bio test coming up Wed. Which reminds me. I need to talk to my dad about potential family in the area, cuz I met an Amanda Blando in that class who said shes from here. Since all Blandos everywhere are my family, I'm curious through whom she and I are connected.

I guess thats it for now. Been a good weekend. I love my new single room. Kinda dark though cuz one of the lights needs a new bulb. Only downside is that I'm no longer across the street from the strip of bars. Not that I went to any, but I was planning on it now that I'm 21 and all. Oh well. Still just a bus ride away.
Current Mood: busy

21st January 2006

7:05pm: Help me out
First off, nothing exciting goin on around here.

Second, apparently I miss a lot of phone calls on my cell phone. I don't know how, the volume of the ringer is cranked to the max. Be that as it may, many calls slip by me unnoticed and so I have a few numbers stored up in my missed calls section that I do not recognize. If you happen to know whos number any of these are I'd appreciate it if you could tell me:
(all are area code 315)
1) 797-3657
2) 794-8595
3) 733-4235
4) 797-4309
5) 272-7274

Thats them. I'll bet that at least one is someones number I have on my old cell phone and never got around to putting on my new one. Oh well. Thanks for any help you may be able to lend.
Current Mood: curious

18th January 2006

3:05pm: First day of Classes
So far things went pretty good. Still got my one night class at 6 which is gunna suck only cuz theres a giant blizzard raging outside. not gunna be fun to walk in. Oh well.

I've pretty much just been going from class to class so far today. Had Cell Biology at 10, then Human Genetics at 12, and Medical Terminology at 1. Nutrition is at 6.

I came back to my room to get lunch after Medical Terminology only to find my leftovers in the fridge frozen solid because apparently being on the top shelf put them too close to the freezer. Its still frozen. I don't have a dish I can microwave so I can't heat it up either. I'm kinda irritated by that.

According to my cheese the Blue Whale is not only the worlds largest animal, but also the loudest. Good to know. Thanks cheese.
Current Mood: annoyed and hungry

17th January 2006

3:42pm: Back in Buffalo
Well, as of yesterday I'm all moved in back here in Buffalo. I even managed to forget my laptop at home. It was one of those I thought my mom packed it and she thought I packed it deals. So then my dad drove out to buffalo at like 9 at night to bring it to me. I felt bad cuz he literally drove for 3 hours to bring it to me, then just turned around and drove 3 hours back home.

Classes started today, but I have no classes on Tuesday's so I don't have any till tomorrow. I spent most of the day out walking around finding all my classrooms so I'll know where I'm going tomorrow. That and watching Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Its on continuous play on one of our movie channels. Stupid Nazis never knew what hit them.

Hopefully this semester will be a bit more exciting then the last one.\

I guess thats it for now.
Current Mood: accomplished

14th January 2006

9:14pm: I have eyes!!!!
Well, I suppose I should say working eyes since I did have eyes before. I'm mostly all healed up and I can totally see stuff without glasses. A little something I thought was funny: the eye surgery is supposed to take between 10 and 40 seconds depending on how bad your eyes are. 10ish if they're not bad up to 40ish if they're pretty bad. For my surgery...my right eye took 80 seconds and my left eye took 87. Apparently it was one of, if not the, longest eye surgerys the doc had ever done.

The last few days before surgery were great cuz I finished watching FMA (which was awesome), finally saw Advent Children (which was so awesomely awesome its awesomeness defys awesomenessicity), and watched some other random movies and had random fun.

Then I was pretty much in bed for a week recovering from the surgery.

Now I'm up and about and I have to pack to go back to Buffalo. Nice timing, huh?

Thats about it. I had a very inimidating, bordering on scary, day yesterday. I'll go into that story tomorrow. Need to go rest my eyes some.

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Current Mood: tired

2nd January 2006

3:04am: To hell with waiting
So, I got tired of waiting to watch FMA and have downloaded episodes 41-46, with 47-50 on the way.

Have been up to very little, as most of my family is gone somewhere. I do have to pick my mom and sister up at the airport in the morning. I should probly be sleeping, but oh well.

My eye surgery is on Friday, so If all goes well I wont be wearing glasses a couple weeks from now.

Disturbed's latest cd, 10,000 Fists or whatever it is, is fantastic as a whole and has some great stand alone songs on it.

Always interesting:
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I guess thats it. Dull, arn't I?
Current Mood: discontent

26th December 2005

11:25am: Stolen thingy
Your New Year's Resolutions

1) Get a pet chinchilla

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4) Study magic

5) Get in shape with rock climbing
Current Mood: blah

25th December 2005

1:21am: *Attention*
We interrupt my drinking to bring you the following announcment:

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all. I sincerly hope you all have great times.

Thank you. And now back to my regularly scheduled drinking.
Current Mood: melancholy

23rd December 2005

10:48pm: This is sweet
I found this awesome music editing program and I've been tooling around with songs for a while. Its a lot of fun. I'm gunna try and make a super song out of a bunch of cool songs.

Guess thats it. Havn't been up to a whole lot today.
Current Mood: amused
5:54pm: Damn size limits
I was up all night trying to find cool FMA thingys for my picture on here and none of the ones of Greed or Maes will work. Also this super cool looking one of Sephiroth doesn't work. All because they want them to be all small sized. How irritating.

This one works though and so does one I have of Vincent so thats ok.

My parents retarded fighting has reached a new high, and I've found that alcohol makes the pain in my head they give me that used to never go away actually go away so I've been drinking since lunch. As a result my head doesn't hurt nearly as much it has the past few years. I'm hungry though. I hope dinner is soon.

Computer Question: Anyone know where to alter the screen that comes up and the sound that plays when turning on or logging into a computer? I remember years ago I had a FFVII theme on a different computer that made the screen the pic of Sephiroth in the burning Neiblehiem and the music his theme when I logged in or out. I wanna change the sound that plays on this one but I can't remember or find where to do it. This is in some sort of windows xp, probably the home one. If anyones got any ideas lemme know. Thanks.
Current Mood: Drinking

22nd December 2005

8:28pm: More nothing
Well, I now have lots of good Naruto and FMA music added to my collection. Still not the FMA song I origionally wanted though.

Worked out for a bit last night in Planet Fitness.

I saw the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy last night and it was pretty funny. I liked it.

I also saw the Exorcism of Emily Rose last night. I havn't gone to sleep yet...especially since in the movie all the demonic stuff happened at 3 am (the significance of which is explained) and when the movie ended it was about 3 am and shortly after that all the picture frames in the house, hung and standing on shelves, all fell to the ground simultaneously. Nothing else, even stuff next to the frames, moved. Just all the picture frames in the whole house in one lound crash. Very disturbing.
Current Mood: on edge

20th December 2005

10:46pm: Stupid Japanese people and their catchy music
So I went skiing today for a few hours. Was lots of fun. Felt great to get out for a bit, and what better way to spend time then hurling myself down a mountainside. Man I love it.

Not much else happened today. Bought Broken Arrow cuz my dad's fiance hasn't seen it. Ordered some stuff from Best Buy. Thats about it.

Now I'm downloading FMA music trying to find that cool chant music they play in the next episode previews sometimes and getting lots of other stuff instead. Not that thats all bad, I'm up to about 4 songs that are really good.

Also, I'm trying to download the last episode of S-cry-ed but all my search gives me when I put that in is rediculous amounts of porn.

I never did get to sleep last night so I'm beyond tired now. Why I'm forcing myself to stay up I have no idea.
Current Mood: exhausted

19th December 2005

10:09pm: Not much of an update.
I have been up to absolutely nothing since I got home. I'd like to start doing stuff now. Not necessarily productive stuff, but something. I'm going skiing tomorrow with my dad so thats a good start. Hopefully more fun stuff will follow.

17th December 2005

11:44pm: Maaaaaan I hate FMA
Not really though. Its just... Marta just died. Thats the third time they've killed off one of my favorite characters. Are they doing this to torture me? Its so depressing. And right in Al's chest. Thats just harsh. Mother FUCKERS. Lets see, that makes 4 of my favorite characters still alive, and 3 dead. I'm all depressed now. And it had to end of course, couldn't keep going after its half hour was over either . Just killed Marta and then ended. Basterds.

I dunno what to do now. Tomorrow my mom and I are doing more shopping since today got cut short due to a sudden, late, get together for my birthday. Was kinda fun for a change.

I guess thats it for now.
Current Mood: sad
2:53pm: Update 2005
So, I've been home for something like 2 days now. I'm having trouble adjusting to not having any pressing work to do. I keep feeling like I should be doing some sort of homework and then getting all anxious because I don't know what I should be doing and so am not doing it. Its kinda annoying.

Right now I'm getting ready to go do some shopping with my mom. I'm pretty sure the last time I was home, and every time before that, I vowed I'd never go shopping with her again...yet here we are.

Other then TV stuffs to watch tonight theres really nothing goin on in the near future for me. The rest of my family is going to Florida for a week soon so I'll have the house to myself for a while. Maybe I'll be able to relax a bit then. Or have parties. Whichever comes first.

Oh, the new New York drivers liscences look wierd. I just got mine and its got this hologram thingy and is different colors then the old ones.

I guess thats it for now.

16th December 2005

2:25pm: The super awesome dream
Ok, here is my account of what I remember from my crazy-fun dream.

It all starts out with tension brewing between the military power of the mainland and a recent new power forming on an island and declaring its independence. The mainland military is headed up by GI Joe, while the island power is a combination of Cobra and HOLY. The kicker is that both powers are secretly being manipulated behind the scenes. The Island power is being manipulated behind the scenes by the Gou'ld, while the mainland military's upper echalon has been infiltrated by the Homunculi. These 2 groups are using the people of the mainland and island as pawns in their struggle against each other. In response to the GI Joe's superior military power, the Gou'ld send ships to capture people of all sorts in an attempt to boost up their forces.

The first part I remember playing, is Teal'c and I have infiltrated one of the Gou'ld abduction ships in an attempt to free the rest of SG-1 (Jack, Sam, and Daniel). Along the way we come across a wide variety of characters locked in cells, but unfortunately we don't have time to free them. When I say a variety of characters, I mean a variety. People from the Simpsons, Code Name Kids Next Door, American Dad, Danny Phantom, ...you get the idea. We find where SG-1 is being held and free them. Then they head out to start freeing the other captives while I head to try and find information on what the Gou'ld are up to. That is when I discover the truth between the Gou'ld/Homunculi war and that the Gou'ld are searching for some super-weapon on the island they took over. I decided to head to the island and find out more information and to see what I could do to sabotage the Gou'ld before heading back to the mainland to deal with the Homunculi. I steal a little fighter from the Gou'ld ship and fly to the island. Along the way I'm informed by SG-1 that GI Joe has launched a missle that is basically a super-nuke to destroy the island.

The Gou'ld must have known I was coming, because when I reached the island I was greeted by a large force who had no intention of letting me make it to the stronghold. Apparently the Gou'ld told them I was from the Military and was going to try and destroy their recently gained freedom. This force consisted of a group HOLY members led by Cougar, a group of Ishbalan warriors led by Scar, the Dark Knight Zied from FFXI, the Power Puff Girls, and others whom I can't distincly remember. Normally, I'd be worried up against odds like that, but I had a couple tricks up my sleeve. I had the ability to use both Ryuho's Zetsuei and Kazuma's Shell Bullet Alters, as well as having alchemic tatoos on my left arm similar to Scar's.

Fighting that battle has to be one of the most fun things I've ever experienced. I refrained from using my left arm's tatoos, since I didn't want to kill anyone. They were all being decieved into thinking I was their enemy so I did my best to not seriously hurt anyone. I utilized the final form of Zetsuei, using the head/torso armor to make the large blade for my left arm, and used Shell Bullet's first form for my right arm. I was a beast and a half. For the most part I just fought members of Holy, Zeid, and the Power Puff Girls. FYI, the Power Puff Girls...not so tough. They are determined though. They kept gettin up after I'd knock them down. Taking out the HOLY members was one of the high points of the fight. I used the enhanced speed and agility that Zetsuei granted me to run circles around the members and get them bunched up in a group. Then I let loose with an Annihilating Second Bullet with Shell Bullet and obilterated the lot of them. Zeid turned out to be the toughest opponent I fought. After an intense fight I finally managed to take him down by crippling him with an Exterminating Last Bullet attack. Then Scar joined the fight. I knew that if I could get him to listen to me I could explain what was going on, but he just pretty much attacked non-stop so I was forced to fight defensively and dodge more then anything. Eventually I put enough space between us that I dispelled the Alters and tore off the left sleeve of my shirt. Seeing the similar nature of my arm and his gave Scar pause long enough for me to explain what was really happening. We agreed to expose and take down the Gou'ld in an effort to stop the nuke before it reached the island, and then to turn out attention to the Homunculi.

Scar and I rounded up Cougar, Asuka, and a few other HOLY members, as well as Ed and Al, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and the other ninjas from GI Joe and Cobra, Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, and the other Decepticons, and a group of Mobile Suits from assorted Gundam series. We then waged our assault on the Gou'ld fortress...but unfortunately it was at that time the Gou'ld found the weapon they had been looking for. The Gou'ld unleashed, and then of course could not control, an Angel. The Angel began destroying everything in sight, as they seem to like to do. I sent the Decepticons and Mobile Suits to try and destroy, or at very least stall, the Angel while Scar and I continued to lead the assault on the fortress.

And then I woke up. Just as we finally breached the fortress I woke up. I was still riding the surge of adrenalin and the rush of battle long after I woke up so I went and worked out a bit. Nothing calmed me down though. The feeling of being in those life or death fights was euphoric. I felt great the whole day. I wanted to go back last night and the night before but unfortunately it was not to be.

So that was my awesome dream. What do you think?
Current Mood: rejuvenated

15th December 2005

3:26pm: Ohhh man
Guys! I slept for like 15 hours last night and had THE craziest most fun dream. I'm packing to leave so I can't go into it now, but it had every character from every single TV show, anime, and video game I've ever seen. I'll tell you about it when I get home. Soooo awesome.
Current Mood: bouncy
12:38am: I'm done!
Finished my last final in a half an hour and spent the rest of the night hanging out with my friend and her roomate. After raiding a grocery store and liquor store that is. Now I'm tired and gunna sleep since I gotta pack up and leave in the morning.

K, night.
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